About Ellamada

The Brand

Ella: Ella B – the Designer
Mada: Armada Drive, California – home to the Gemological Institute of America

Ellamada was born in Geneva, 2016.

Enter a magical world where luxury takes beautiful, spiritual form. Symbolic, sentimental and pure…elevating the mind and nourishing the soul.

Each creation has been designed for strong, intuitive women that desire jewelry in resonance with their character.

More than shiny objects, each piece is like a unique reinterpretation of the amulet. Protecting gracefully, evoking memories and celebrating divine energies.

Ellamada designs are crafted in Switzerland and Portugal with 18k gold and precious, ethically sourced stones (diamonds, sapphires, garnets, rutilated quartz)

The Designer

Ellamada is a soulful reflection of the designer: Ella B.

Ella B combines her love for the spiritual with a passion for gems and a nomadic spirit that has led her to live and work all around the world (Geneva, London, Moscow, St Tropez, L.A.)

A graduate of the prestigious Gemological Institute of California and Christie’s, imagined and designed the brand for women like her – open-minded, independent and radiant seekers of the true sense of luxury.

Jewelry is truly precious when it moves us.
Ella B
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